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Sterek AU » Stiles Stilinski crosses the wall in the border of his town to the magic realm of Stormhold to bring a fallen star to his beloved Lydia Martin, who has agreed to marry him if he brings it back in time for her birthday. To Stiles’ surprise, the star in question is not a lump of rock but a broody celestial prince named Derek, who is not at all pleased to be knocked out of the sky and subsequently kidnapped.

“You’re glowing again,” he pointed out.

“I’m a star, you idiot,” Derek replied, though lacking his usual bite.

“Yeah but it seems like you only glow around me.”

If Stiles noticed the blush threatening to appear on Derek’s face, he doesn’t say anything about it.

“I’m like an EMF but instead of detecting ghosts I glow around morons.”

Stiles doubled over with laughter which made Derek only shine brighter.

November 24, 2012 - 5:29pm [1 year ago]
102 notes | #i'm working on it #does it sound interesting #LIKE IT'S BASED OFF OF THE MOVIE STARDUST BECAUSE I LOVE THAT MOVIE #stiles is tristan #lydia is victoria #derek is yvaine #but i'll like change it up so more characters are in it and it doesn't exactly follow stardust #peenw0lf #sk0gkatt #sterek #teen wolf
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